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What I Actually Look Like

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So awhile ago, I did what was pretty much a very silly ‘author photoshoot’, in which I borrowed glasses and took a bunch of pictures of me with fairly heavy makeup on, because I had just come home from doing a theater production. One of those pictures has been my ‘author’ profile picture for a long time.

I have this very shy and reserved side that’s hesitant to show the world any of what I really am, and to keep my writer’s self very separate from my real self (which is one reason I write under a pen name – the other being that there’s already an author with my real name).

But, as my ‘real’ self (the day-job self) does book-cover-design for a living, it’s becoming more and more practical to share that side of me with my writer friends, because, well, duh. What I do as my day job could actually be quite helpful to many of my writer friends.

But the details of THAT belong to another blog post. The point here is that the lines between the two selves have been steadily blurring, so I may as well show my real face.

In the spirit of that, with a little bit of fantasy thrown in (I can’t resist), here I am:

profile picture 2

Good, now that’s over with.


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