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Psh, My Procrastination IS Productive

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So, I didn’t end up writing any words yesterday. None. Not even one little bugger to add to my word-count. But in my attempts to help myself feel okay with this and not go to bed guilt-ridden, I remembered a scene from my childhood.

There was one day, living at home with my family, that I was particularly lazy. I pretty much sprawled in the same chair in  my jammies all day rambling and rambling and rambling to my sister (with frequent bouts of laughter as well), when we were supposed to be doing homework and yard-work and dishes and laundry and (and all the other ‘ands’). Anyway, this jammy-sprawling-chat/vent/episode went on for hours, just on and on.

Finally, come late afternoon, my mom calls out something about moving on to other things. There was some banter I can’t quite remember in which I tried to justify the validity of lying around all day, to which she replied,

“What have you accomplished, today?”

to which I cried: “I beCAME…A BETTER PERSON!”

And everyone erupted in laughter. So in the end, I actually accomplished two things.

Now, whenever I don’t quite get as much done as I would have liked to, in a day, I tell myself that I became a better person, so it’s okay.

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