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An Immortal’s Sacrifice…


I thought it would be fun to release an excerpt of what I’ve been working on today! This is a small bit from Breathtaker‘s sequel, Lifebreath; words that were born mere moments ago…


Calecko found himself at the grave without a lot of conscious thought leading him there, and couldn’t say at all where the shovel had come from. But it was grasped with surety in his fingers, and he read the name on the gravestone with a grim content.

This was it – the reason Breya did not want to go on, did not want to live with herself. This man, buried here. A kiss of death on his lips.


Normally, Calecko would let him rest. What was done was done, and there were so many promised complications…

But Breya, sweet, innocent Breya, stuck in the middle of all this… She deserved something that would change things for her. That would tip the balance, the conflict, toward something, rather than nothing. She deserved to have something of meaning, even if only for the span of a mortal. Especially if she chose the mere span of a mortal.

It wasn’t even any great sacrifice he would be making, really. How many lifetimes had he lived, himself? Plenty, by any man’s standards. By the standards of those who weren’t precisely men, well… It wasn’t as though they wouldn’t go on living without him. They would keep living not only this lifetime, but the next. Thriving as always. Some might miss him, but there was no one that he shared his whole self with.

He was a little surprised to find, in fact, just how easy this was going to be for him. It almost made him wonder what the fuss had been about, these past few generations, striving to stay alive as greedily as ever. It was habit at this point, he supposed. Living.

Had anyone ever dismissed living as a habit before?

That, as much as any of the convicting stuff, was enough to convince him that this sacrifice of his was something that should go through.

Here he was, feeding his habit, while people and things that meant something fought and died deserving second chances.

His shovel bit into the dirt.


2 thoughts on “An Immortal’s Sacrifice…

  1. Your work sounds very interesting. I am a Paranormal enthusiast! An Immortal’s Sacrifice has sparked my interest for sure!

    • Well, thank you! Now the goal is to get everything I write to live up to the bits that find themselves worthy to be excerpts. But hopefully that will just keep developing with time and practice 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by – so glad to meet another fellow writer and lover of stories! (And of all things paranormal :-D).

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