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‘About the Author’ Using Pictures

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Some of you know how much I love using Pinterest as a way to gather and store visual ideas and character profiles for my books. I’ve also taken to linking to these in my books themselves, so fans can browse through and see neat collages ‘straight out of the book’, so to speak. Well, last night, I thought: if my fans are visiting me here, why not make an ‘About the Author’ board? How neat would it be to have an ‘about the author’ section done in pictures?! (Maybe some of you are thinking ‘um, no, we’re writers and we like words just fine’, but I happen to be an artist as well, so… I can’t help but think it’s pretty cool. Besides, since Pinterest is all about images, just the notion of being able to have a section on Pinterest that serves as an About the Author section is something I think is pretty neat).

So I put a few aspects about me together in picture form, just for fun. Take a look!

About the Author using pictures



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