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The Maddening Breather of Processing

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Breathtaker, revised, is publishing as we speak. Or as I type this, rather, since mostly this is being said to a host of imaginary friends/fans.

But for the few of you who actually are sitting on the other end of the screen saying ‘oh, that’s terrific news’ out loud, it’s true! All that’s left is the wait as the files process.

All that hard work and time leading up to the click of a button that means you’re ‘done’, and then rather than getting to sit back and relax, you’re FORCED to sit back and relax because you forgot you also have to wait for things to process once you click said button. I could use a breather, but when you go about something under the impression that it’s just a stretch of hard work standing between you and your end goal, it’s kind of maddening to have to then wait on something else unseen for it to be ‘official’.

Fortunately, it’s about bedtime as I’m getting this all wrapped up, so hopefully I’ll spend a bit of time dreaming of Atlantis (reference to the content of the book), and then simply wake up to the official results.


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