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Beginnings and Endings and Edits – Oh My

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So I finished The Tournament of Eden, but I haven’t had the chance to edit it yet. At the time of completion, I was a little behind schedule, but not too bad, so I figured it would still be released in decent time.

That was wishful thinking.

I’ve been slammed in other areas of life, but I’ve also never been met with such a bad case of writer’s block IN THE EDITING PHASE. I really have no idea what to do with it. I hope I can get past that one of these days VERY SOON, or else it will sit finished-but-not-finished on the shelf until who-knows-when.

I wanted to get that one finished and released before focusing on the sequels to Breathtaker and Whisper, but at this point I might just need to let it rest. So instead of forcing it, I guess I’ll be working on those sequels this weekend. I did promise them by the end of the summer, after all, and it’s beginning to occur to me that summer isn’t actually going to last forever.

Hopefully my next blog post won’t sound so much like a broken record.


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