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Born at 7:29pm, Weighing in at 90,000 Words, 350 Pages

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IT IS FINISHED. The Tournament of Eden has come to an end. It was officially born this evening at 7:29pm, weighing in at 90,000 words, 350 pages (ish). Both of those numbers are actually estimates, because while I’ve been typing the  book straight onto the computer for a good while, there is still a fair amount early on that’s hand-written and needs to be transposed. So I’m actually guessing there will be over 90,000 words, and the actual amount of pages remains to be seen based on the formatting of the book.

But it’s done! I’m so excited! Now I’ll put it aside for a few days before going at it with edits, which will probably be harder edits than I’ve had to do with a book in awhile, but I can’t wait to get it all polished and ready to introduce to the world.

Stay tuned for the exciting updates that always come with ACTUALLY RELEASING A BOOK!

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