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Awkward Author Moment Number 102

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That awkward author moment when you triumphantly reach the end of your book and realize that reaching the end of the book is far more triumphant than anything your hero/heroine actually did in the book.

On the bright side, that means I have finally managed to write a ‘rough draft’, rather than my usual tendency of needing to get everything in there and just right up front. Again, more of a victory for me than my heroine, but I’VE BEEN TRYING TO WRITE A GOOD (BAD) ROUGH DRAFT FOREVER.

Also, I numbered this ‘awkward moment #102’ not because I’ve counted one hundred and two of them up until now, but in fact because its only the second one that I’ve notated and I know I’ve had way more than that. And besides, ‘awkward author moment #2’ just has a bit of a pathetic ring to it.


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