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Two and a Half Chapters

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And the results of yesterday’s writing session: I made progress! Two and a half chapters left to go now. It is just so difficult making sure you tie up every last thing that needs to be tied up, in the span of a few chapters. In the middle of the book, you can kind of let chapters go where they may, sometimes with one main point or what-not that needs to get worked in there somehow. But now, every detail is important, so the going is a little slow. But steady! At least as far as working on it a bit every weekend goes.

Clearly, I have failed to get it done and released by summer, but I’m not too far off the mark, and I figure that’s pretty good for having my writing time cut down to only weekends in recent months.

Hopefully I can find a way to make a little bit more time during the week to write, but either way – only a couple weeks to go now, for sure!


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