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The Finish Line – Neck and Neck with my Procrastination

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The finish line is in sight! I’m almost there! Last time I posted about The Tournament of Eden, I had 4 chapters left to write. Today, I have…4 chapters left to write. The difference is, today I’m actually going to work on it, which means, by the time any of you read this, I’ll actually have less than 4 chapters left to write. I intended to spend the entire weekend working on it, but alas, you know how things go. I’ll just have to cram it into the last 5 hours of the last day of the weekend.

So, here we go! I’ve got my hot chocolate with two packets of chocolate in it, my Eden binder, my trusty laptop, and my Tournament of Eden soundtrack all ready to go. Time to use my imagination and pretend I’m in the desert instead of at the beach, and finish this puppy!


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