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Everything Short of a Mermaid Sighting

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In preparation to continue my beachy, mermaid-ish series that started with Breathtaker, I have spent the last few weeks doing extensive research. ‘Extensive research’ includes moving to San Diego, CA, walking six miles to the beach, getting my first sunburn of the year, getting a sunburn on top of my sunburn, catching sand crabs, getting stung by jellyfish, swimming with seals (from somewhat of a distance), getting pummeled by some great waves, and the otherwise regular pastimes of beach-going such as sea-shell hunting and frollicking in the shallows like a child.

I think I’m ready! I have done my best to get the sun in my skin and the sea into my veins, and I think these sequels are going to flow like the ocean itself.

Squeeee! I’m so excited. If only I could write on the beach without either a), Papers blowing away, or b), getting a keyboard-full of sand.


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