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Sometimes Trying Your Best Literally Isn’t Good Enough

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To all the fans asking about the sequels to both Breathtaker and Whisper… I tried to start on them, I really did. I sat down at my computer when I needed a few days’ break from The Tournament of Eden, and I was going to start on some sequels.

And then I realized the files, info, and notes that I need to do so haven’t made it to my new place yet. In other words, I moved, but some things are still in limbo between places, and the necessary ‘stuff’ to start the sequels in question happens to be IN THAT LIMBO. I still plan on starting (and hopefully finishing) them this summer, but I do have to re-get-my-hands-on some necessary details first.

So, alas, no news on that front. I was going to do more Eden writing this weekend, but so far I’ve watched one of my cousins graduate and mostly fried my brain in the hours of sun, which may be perfect for a desert book but I don’t think it will produce much in the ways of quality. Maybe tomorrow?

Tomorrow, frying my brain in hours of sun will produce quality.


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