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I Forgot my Anniversary

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I was all geared up to do something special for my 1 year blog anniversary, and then I was in the middle of moving and completely forgot.

And now – well, now I’m not sure exactly what I was going to do to make it special, so maybe it’s fine that I forgot.

In any case – yay for 1 year!

Just for the sake of posting something relatively interesting, I saw a writing quote today which I liked. It said “I don’t like to write. I like to have written.”, which I thought was cutely insightful and probably highly relevant to a lot of you.

Oh wait, I saw that quote right here on WordPress, in the area where little quotes pop up after you’ve posted a post. So…probably most of you have already read it.


My baby blog is a year old and doing great making messes in its diapers. Hopefully we can graduate from that and be a little more sophisticated and organized in the future!


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