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Writers are also readers. Which means, I read a lot of books probably just like the ones that my readers read. One of the books I just finished was Kristen Britain’s Blackveil, the fourth book in her Green Rider series. This has been a particularly favorite series of mine because, not only am I a reader as well as a writer, but I’m also a ‘rider‘ myself (that is, a rider of horses).

I’ve been with this series since the beginning, and while apparently (from looking at the release dates of the previous books in the series) there has regularly been 4-5 years between books, I somehow managed to sort of skip over the wait (or felt like I did) up until now. I knew there was a fairly big span of time between releases, but I never knew it was THAT big. That means I’ve been following the series for over a decade, and suddenly I just can’t believe that I have to wait THREE MORE YEARS before I can read the next sequel! (Why did I never find this so distressing before?! What did I do to distract myself and shrug it off all those other times?)

Perhaps it’s because this latest had more of a cliff-hanger ending than the others, but I think it was actually just a very good installment, which really makes me want to keep reading.

Sigh. Time to bury my nose in my own manuscripts for awhile and see how many I can get done in the time it takes the regular publishing industry to churn out something that (in my eager and unsympathetic opinion) should be more-or-less habit by now.

Anyway, it’s a good series! And if you’re not a horse-lover like the rest of us crazy horse-lovers that love the series, don’t worry – it’s much more epic fantasy than it is hardcore-horsey stuff. I just appreciate that it has that aspect, and that the author is actually an educated horsewoman, which translates into her work and makes the horse-and-rider aspect really authentic.

What are all the other authors out there reading right now?


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