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Tournament of Eden Excerpt

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An excerpt from my upcoming YA fantasy, The Tournament of Eden… (Enjoy!)…


The whispers create a foamy, bubbling insanity in my head, and I can’t withstand the assault. A headache spreads in my skull, and I cringe tight against the pain, but pressing my eyes tighter closed only traps the whispers tighter inside, pressing them together, squeezing them until the hiss turns to a scream.

I have to get it out.

I have to…let it out.

Before I can see how I aspire to do it, I’m herding the whispers out of my aching skull, channeling them through my veins instead. A coursing shiver goes through me, and I swell with it.

I don’t realize when the scream of whispers turns into me crying out, when my introverted chin-to-chest stance unfolds and projects itself outward, straining against the ropes. But the next thing I know I am doing just that – a brief awareness of the woman-in-labor-like sounds I am vocalizing and the fearsome heave of my body against my tethers – before I fade back into a creature of subconscious, the rest a blur.

Somewhere, there is the pop of damaged fibers. A crazed girl – surely not me? – erupting from the willowy chains and plunging to her feet with ferocious intensity. Only as I stand triumphant in the pooling coil of my broken shackles, hot with unbidden liberation, do I come back into myself.

The whispers spill out of my veins, draining from me, dripping off the ends of my fingers like blood would


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