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What Comes First – The Cover or the Story?

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I was working on a custom cover for an author the other day, really liking the result and wishing I didn’t have to give it up and could, I don’t know, maybe just keep it and use it for myself, when by and by she sent me a message before I was finished to tell me she actually found one of my pre-made designs that she wanted to use.

Which means that the cover I was working on was mine to keep! I was so excited. The only problem was that I didn’t have a story for it to go with yet, but after finishing my quota for The Tournament of Eden last night, I decided to go ahead and play around with ideas for something new. (Which I WON’T be starting until after I’ve completed the others that I’ve promised to work on next, but nevertheless I did allow myself to get into the planning stages.)

Well, an entire, detailed plot poured itself into note-form, and I’m so excited. So, while I’ve never done a cover-reveal until I’m nearing the release of a book (since I don’t usually even make the cover until the book is mostly finished, if not entirely finished), I’m going to break tradition, in this case, since the cover did indeed come first and spark the rest.

Here it is! The ridiculously simple idea that inspired an entire grand ol’ plot in one night:

Scars to Ashes


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