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A Few Book Announcements


Alright, I guess it’s time to post an update on where I am with the current books I said I’d have done by now, as well as tentatively announce my next project(s).

I currently have about 500 out of 700 pages for The Tournament of Eden, which isn’t reflected in my progress bar because I’m hand-writing this book and only update the word count when I’ve typed something up and can accurately DO  a word count. And I’m WAY behind on typing everything up. For awhile, I was really good about writing and then typing what I had written before writing again, but once that started to slip it all went downhill from there. But I do have 500 out of 700 pages done (and that’s hand-written pages, so the book isn’t actually going to be 700 pages long when in computer-format. My guess is more like 400 or 500.)

I’m about halfway done with Crooked Bird, but since that’s a shorter book I anticipate it will be quite easy to finish once I’m not concentrating so heavily on Eden. I do expect to have both finished and (hopefully) released by summer.

Which brings us to plans for the summer. I was planning on getting the Breathtaker sequels out of the way soon anyway, but especially in light of the sudden mermaid craze that I have accidentally secretly anticipated and jumped on board with… Those are definitely going to be a go for this summer. (And what better books to write for summer than beachy mermaid books?!) So you can expect more updates and progress on those as soon as Eden and Crooked are complete.


3 thoughts on “A Few Book Announcements

  1. Are you going to do anything following whisper? i really liked that one

  2. Whisper has a sequel planned, entitled ‘Willow’. It’s in the works, but probably won’t take priority immediately, as sequels to other books are in higher demand. I’m so glad you enjoyed Whisper! Unfortunately, it hasn’t received as much attention (or positive attention) as some of my other works. But a sequel is planned! Thanks for asking!

  3. Another vote for Willow here!! Loved this fantasy world and would love to read more!

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