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Re-Release of ‘Spychild’ – Get it Freeee!

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I have released the 2nd Edition of ‘Spychild’, my original young adult adventure that I wrote in my teen years. Today you can download it for free over at Amazon! Here’s its cover, description, and Amazon link…


Welcome to the game…
For generations, the capital city of Cerf Daine has been terrorized by a group of slinking criminal masterminds known as the Spykin. Operating from a secret headquarters, they strike whenever the danger is greatest, playing genius dark games for the simple thrill of it.
But recent times have seen their kind dwindle away, as the folly of their obsession with danger demands its price. One by one, they have all been caught.
All except Clevwrith, and he is determined to carry on the Spykin’s legacy.
By taking on an apprentice, he intends to mold a creature equal to himself, another that can never be caught. This requires that he teach his apprentice everything he knows, disclosing all of his deepest, darkest secrets.
But everyone has secrets of their own. And when you teach a stranger to play dark games without rules, the next move can come in any shape or form.
…Rules are forbidden.

Get it Free Today!


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