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An Apology to Two of my Books; and a Belated Introduction!

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It just occurred to me that I’m pretty sure I’ve neglected much mention of two very special books of mine. I’m not sure how it would slip my mind to talk about them up until now, because they are kind of what started it all for me, but it would seem I was simply caught up in all the new stuff. Perhaps I felt like these two weren’t good enough to mention, but what am I saying? They’re the pioneers of my writing career, and many people feel that they possess a certain charm that the rest actually don’t.

So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to ‘Spychild’ and its sequel ‘Treachery’s Game’! They are charming young adult fantasy, which I wrote in my later teen years. Since then I have gone over them and given them a bit of a re-polishing edit, but I’ve tried hard to preserve the original charm and authenticity of the voice that I wrote them with back then. I originally drew covers for both of them, which I’ve left in place because they seemed to capture the exact charm of the books, but it’s finally time to dress them up with some more marketable covers and re-release the polished 2nd editions.

It should not have taken me until this years-in-the-making 2nd edition release to give these books some attention and share talk of them with my fans and followers, but, oh well – better late than never! Here are the freshly finished new covers for the re-release, which will happen sometime this month, I think:

spychild new for internet treachery's game new for internet

As they are re-released, I will do an individual post for each with a description and such. (If you want to see the old covers that I drew, you can still see those for a limited time under my ‘books’ tab. But I’m loving this new spin!)


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