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The Wrong Guy

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I don’t know if anyone else runs into this problem in their writing, but, especially lately, whenever I plan out ahead of time how a character is going to end up romantically linked to another, I end up liking one of the other characters better for the romantic interest. I’m not sure why this happens. At first I thought it was a fluke, that this other guy in the book just happened to end up awesome and perfect for the girl, but then it started becoming a habit.  It’s almost like the pressure to make the guy I’ve picked out the awesome love interest makes me botch him up, because I’m trying too hard, and the other characters that I just let come naturally have this easy, natural appeal to them.

This is not always a problem, because sometimes I can just switch my idea of who the girl ought to be with, but it is becoming a nuisance to have to do that every time, when I JUST WANT HER TO BE WITH SO-AND-SO for a change, as if that’s too much to ask! I’m telling this story, aren’t I?! I’m the matchmaker here, aren’t I?!

I need to just stop TRYING to make a certain guy awesome, because then it’s forced, but it seems as though when I try to let HIM just come naturally, he just ends up boring.




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