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Switching Perspectives

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So I switched Crooked Bird from first-person to third-person. I thought I had decided that first-person was my thing, that I just can’t get into the characters and make them real unless I make it really personal for me, which is where ‘I did this, I felt that’ seems to come in handy fleshing them out for me. But I kept straining through the first-person narrative in this particular case, and it just wasn’t working for me.  I would say ‘I’, but I didn’t feel the personal connection that I usually feel with first-person characters.

And I think this is because I’ve been doing too MUCH first-person. Too much for me to feel like I am all these different characters at once. Like I can possible BE all these different characters at once.

So I took the plunge back into third-person, just to give it a shot, and while I was skeptical it was going to work for me again since that had always been the reason behind flat characters for me before, it actually worked like a charm!

I’m finding all the ‘she’ references strangely beautiful, like ‘she’ is actually a delicious prose word I never had the sense to recognize, flourishing in to grace the page with loveliness where ‘I’ has been clogging up the book with self-righteous, clipped tones.

Funny what works for one book, and not for another.


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