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Pleasant Progress

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So I made progress on both Crooked Bird and The Tournament of Eden last night. Finished a chapter in both. Yay! I’ve only typed up about half of what I have written on Eden and really need to just type the rest of it up so my ‘wordcount’ progress bar here on my blog accurately reflects how much has actually been written.  With Crooked Bird, I seem to be keeping up with typing it as I go (yes, these two books I’ve been writing by hand. Sometimes it works better for me that way, sometimes not.)

Both books are coming along nicely. I don’t think my estimated word-count for Eden accurately reflects what the finished count will turn out to be, but then, neither is Crooked Bird going to limit itself to being a novella.

I’m trying to pinpoint more excerpt-material throughout both books to post here, but it’s actually harder than it should be. I said I was going to just pick parts out as I wrote them, because that would be easier, but I never seem to think of it until after the fact, and then I have to go back and do the whole hunting-for-ideal-sections thing.

Hopefully I’ll get better at this soon, but in the meantime, progress itself is a pleasant enough dalliance.

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