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As some of you are aware, my other artist self dabbles in creating book covers.  I recently decided to create a bunch of generic book covers and sell them non-exclusively for super cheap (like, $5), because I love making them too much to only make one whenever I happen to finish a novel, and because I know there are a lot of indie authors out there who would love to be able to find super cheap cover options.

I’ll post a sample or two (or three or so) here, but you can also visit my full gallery and take a gander through the complete selection (which grows constantly)!  Visit my gallery here!

Feel free to spread the word if you know of anyone who would benefit from this sort of thing – and, of course, feel free to visit me for any of your own cover needs as well, should you ever like to!

Here’s a sample…

Stock Book Cover gig phot

(Just some simple collages of a few examples…)

Stock Book Cover gig photo 2

(….Fun stuff!…..)

Stock Book Cover gig photo 3

And a couple larger favorites:…………………..

Stock book cover 57

Stock book cover 45

stock book cover 41

stock book cover 42

stock book cover 7

stock book cover 17

(You get the idea.)

There are currently about 60 designs up in the gallery, but I add to it frequently.

(The only problem?  I like them all better than the covers I make for my own books.  Ahaha.  So much for time and hard work.)


The actual link to make a purchase can be found here: Purchase a Cover!


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