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The Wrong Guy

I don’t know if anyone else runs into this problem in their writing, but, especially lately, whenever I plan out ahead of time how a character is going to end up romantically linked to another, I end up liking one of the other characters better for the romantic interest. I’m not sure why this happens. At first I thought it was a fluke, that this other guy in the book just happened to end up awesome and perfect for the girl, but then it started becoming a habit.  It’s almost like the pressure to make the guy I’ve picked out the awesome love interest makes me botch him up, because I’m trying too hard, and the other characters that I just let come naturally have this easy, natural appeal to them.

This is not always a problem, because sometimes I can just switch my idea of who the girl ought to be with, but it is becoming a nuisance to have to do that every time, when I JUST WANT HER TO BE WITH SO-AND-SO for a change, as if that’s too much to ask! I’m telling this story, aren’t I?! I’m the matchmaker here, aren’t I?!

I need to just stop TRYING to make a certain guy awesome, because then it’s forced, but it seems as though when I try to let HIM just come naturally, he just ends up boring.



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Switching Perspectives

So I switched Crooked Bird from first-person to third-person. I thought I had decided that first-person was my thing, that I just can’t get into the characters and make them real unless I make it really personal for me, which is where ‘I did this, I felt that’ seems to come in handy fleshing them out for me. But I kept straining through the first-person narrative in this particular case, and it just wasn’t working for me.  I would say ‘I’, but I didn’t feel the personal connection that I usually feel with first-person characters.

And I think this is because I’ve been doing too MUCH first-person. Too much for me to feel like I am all these different characters at once. Like I can possible BE all these different characters at once.

So I took the plunge back into third-person, just to give it a shot, and while I was skeptical it was going to work for me again since that had always been the reason behind flat characters for me before, it actually worked like a charm!

I’m finding all the ‘she’ references strangely beautiful, like ‘she’ is actually a delicious prose word I never had the sense to recognize, flourishing in to grace the page with loveliness where ‘I’ has been clogging up the book with self-righteous, clipped tones.

Funny what works for one book, and not for another.

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The Regurgitated Edition

An interesting notion has been churning about in my mind, pertaining to one of my books (one of the already-published ones).  What does one do when they’ve re-written a book countless times, still don’t like it but have decided to finally just let it be, only to be smacked in the face with a complete new vision for it after letting it be published for a year or so, and having its sequel already published and everything nice and wrapped-up to boot? I feel as though I have finally been hit with the vision I needed for it during the whole writing process, but it’s not only already an established book, but an established SET of books, with reviews and the whole lot.

And we’re not just talking about making a refurbished ‘2nd Edition’ type thing. We’re talking completely revamping the whole setting and tone of the book. How would one even do that, when the book is already known as it is? (This is why you should never publish a book until you’re absolutely certain you like it, but this happens to be one I was certain I would never actually like, but it was a finished project, so I decided to go ahead and let it run its course.)

Sigh. I feel like what I want to do with it is too drastic to go over as any kind of alternate ‘edition’, but do any other authors ever take down established work to throw an innate cork in the entire premise, and throw a new fish entirely back into the sea in the old one’s place? That just seems weird.  And then there’s the fact that it already has reviews, and they would no longer accurately reflect the content.

So it would HAVE to be some alternate edition, but what do you even call a completely regurgitated edition? The…’Regurgitated Edition’?

The whole hassle (and my track record with re-doing this book) makes me feel as though I should continue to just let it be. But the reviews tend to reflect my own feelings toward the book, and THE VISION! AHH! It’s too much the saving grace I’d been missing, and it’s so obvious now.

What to do, what to do.


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Pleasant Progress

So I made progress on both Crooked Bird and The Tournament of Eden last night. Finished a chapter in both. Yay! I’ve only typed up about half of what I have written on Eden and really need to just type the rest of it up so my ‘wordcount’ progress bar here on my blog accurately reflects how much has actually been written.  With Crooked Bird, I seem to be keeping up with typing it as I go (yes, these two books I’ve been writing by hand. Sometimes it works better for me that way, sometimes not.)

Both books are coming along nicely. I don’t think my estimated word-count for Eden accurately reflects what the finished count will turn out to be, but then, neither is Crooked Bird going to limit itself to being a novella.

I’m trying to pinpoint more excerpt-material throughout both books to post here, but it’s actually harder than it should be. I said I was going to just pick parts out as I wrote them, because that would be easier, but I never seem to think of it until after the fact, and then I have to go back and do the whole hunting-for-ideal-sections thing.

Hopefully I’ll get better at this soon, but in the meantime, progress itself is a pleasant enough dalliance.

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‘Crooked Bird’ Cover Reveal

It may be a little premature, but then again, perhaps not. I pretty much sat down to work on this book the other day and poured out an easy 10,000 words, and know exactly where it’s going, so I’m guessing it’s going to end up being done before The Tournament of Eden. Sometimes they just grow up too fast.

So here it is! Yet another exciting cover to motivate the finishing of a book!

Crooked Bird Cover

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Book Cover Business

As some of you are aware, my other artist self dabbles in creating book covers.  I recently decided to create a bunch of generic book covers and sell them non-exclusively for super cheap (like, $5), because I love making them too much to only make one whenever I happen to finish a novel, and because I know there are a lot of indie authors out there who would love to be able to find super cheap cover options.

I’ll post a sample or two (or three or so) here, but you can also visit my full gallery and take a gander through the complete selection (which grows constantly)!  Visit my gallery here!

Feel free to spread the word if you know of anyone who would benefit from this sort of thing – and, of course, feel free to visit me for any of your own cover needs as well, should you ever like to!

Here’s a sample…

Stock Book Cover gig phot

(Just some simple collages of a few examples…)

Stock Book Cover gig photo 2

(….Fun stuff!…..)

Stock Book Cover gig photo 3

And a couple larger favorites:…………………..

Stock book cover 57

Stock book cover 45

stock book cover 41

stock book cover 42

stock book cover 7

stock book cover 17

(You get the idea.)

There are currently about 60 designs up in the gallery, but I add to it frequently.

(The only problem?  I like them all better than the covers I make for my own books.  Ahaha.  So much for time and hard work.)


The actual link to make a purchase can be found here: Purchase a Cover!

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These Are a Few of my Favorite Words…

I thought it would be fun to share a list of my favorite words, but as soon as I started compiling it I realized there might be too many for a single, quaint list.  So I decided to break it up by letter, and share ‘My Favorite Words That Start With…’ lists, in separate posts.  Perhaps one a day, or one a week or something.  We’ll see.

Here’s today’s list, My Favorite Words that Star with A’, in alphabetical order:























Have any favorite ‘A’ words of your own?