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Six Month Blogoversary

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So, guys, I missed my six month anniversary on here.  I was going to do something special, but I don’t know what, and now I’ve missed it anyway.

But one thing I didn’t miss this year, which is enough of a celebratory event that coincides with my blog’s six month anniversary, is entering the AMAZON BREAKTHROUGH NOVEL AWARD contest.  I have been trying for about four or five years to enter this contest, and somehow I miss the submission deadline every year.  But not this year.

Unfortunately, I’m sharing this too late for anyone else to read this and decide they want to enter, too.  But perhaps you were all aware of it already, and more on top of things than I am.  If not…  Sorry to spread the word just past the deadline.  Heh.

I realize there’s probably not a huge chance of getting all that far in the competition, but hey, I JOINED.  If I didn’t, I would always wonder.  Now I don’t have to, and I know how (to join), and I can do it with ease every year.  One day, maybe I’ll have a book finished that happens to be winner material.  Who knows!

In the meantime, here’s to six more months of blogging and new milestones!


One thought on “Six Month Blogoversary

  1. Congrats! That’s fantastic.

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