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Special Edition Release!

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The special edition of ‘Ace’ has just gone live in the world of e-books.  Check it out on Amazon! ‘Ace’ Special Edition.

The special edition of Ace includes…  Notes about the inspiration for the book, a list of interesting facts about the book in general, and a never-before published ‘Ace’ short story!

Something a little interesting with the publication of this special edition book…  Amazon went ahead and copied over the reviews from the regular edition of ‘Ace’ and applied them to the special edition.  I THINK that I think that’s cool.  Most of the material as the main section of story goes remains the same, but I do feel a little weird about these reviews not really applying to the bonus material.  Oh well – at least they’re positive reviews, so it’s not as if I have anything to complain about.  It’s curious, though, because this didn’t happen with my special edition of ‘Bounty’, and I’m not sure where the difference lies.  One of the great mysteries of life, I suppose…


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