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‘Lunis’ Excerpt


I’ve been wanting to start sharing excerpts from my books with my readers, but I’ve avoided actually doing it until now because it’s actually quite difficult to recall/choose the ideal little piece of a whole book to extract.  I’m finding that it may be much easier to share bits AS I’m writing a book, where it’s all fresh and I can mark areas I feel are ideal as they manifest, rather than trying to thumb back through everything after the fact, and decide which were actually the most convicting bits, and try to decide what is and isn’t understood out of context, etc.  So I decided to share a little excerpt from my current project, ‘Lunis’, today, simply as the fancy takes me.  Hope you enjoy!

Sukris alighted gently on the snow, the white land crunching like velvet under his boots.  He took a few steps before setting Lunis on her own feet, and she stumbled slightly, dizzy from their brief flight and unaccustomed to the aching cold that permeated her slippers on contact.

Sukris took her hand then – to keep her steady, or to keep her in tow as they neared what awaited her in the snow ahead?

It was more than just her mother.

Falista stood stern and emotionless, her cold gray eyes framed by clusters of snowflakes that clung to her lashes.  She was nearly as pale as the snow herself, and her hair was, but the wing marks at her eyes were lighter still, a faint albino tattoo.  She was beautiful, but it was the male Faya that stood with her that caught Lunis’s attention most.  He was similar in features, but instead of customary white attire, he wore black.

Lunis froze – and it had nothing to do with the cold.  She did not have to be an active member of society to know that a Winter Faya never wore black except when he expected to get blood on his clothes…


2 thoughts on “‘Lunis’ Excerpt

  1. Well I certainly wanted to read on!

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