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Lunis Cover

Writing progress itself on Lunis is somewhat slow (I had extra work for two and a half weeks, so I’m using that as an excuse), but I’ve been getting ideas for it, and that’s always an important part of the process.  I started writing on it again today, but what I really felt inspired to work on was the cover.  So!  I went ahead and created the front cover, which in turn inspires me more to work on the book itself!  It’s as if being able to look at the cover makes it so easy to imagine the finished product, and how it will look and feel, and having that image in mind is like being able to see the finish line, so with that motivation I’ll be back into cranking toward it!

It’s possible that this is going to turn into a full-blown novel rather than the quaint little novella I wanted, but since I’m going to completely miss the deadline of having it done inside of this month anyway, I figure at this point it doesn’t really matter.  Let it be how long it wants.

So, here’s a peak of that cover!