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Taking a Breather

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For the first time in my write-a-b00k-a-month project, I have decided to take a break this month.  At first I was unwilling to do so, but thanks to a bad case of writers’ block that simply wouldn’t budge and the fear that it could actually be more damaging than productive to force myself to spew out books and get burnt out in the process, I have decided to take a breather.  It will be worth taking one month off if it means I won’t end up more thoroughly burnt out in the future.

My hope is that this time will be equally productive in the realm of ideas – taking time to step back and let the ideas spill through my head without pressure, and develop, and morph, and twist and turn as they please, able to explore different angles without the pressure of writing down the first idea that’s ‘good’ or fits with the plot.  Allowing for exploration and development can only heighten the potential a given plot-line possesses.  My hope is that a month dedicated to letting ideas brew and stir will see them nice and pent-up by next month, ready to burst.

Until then, I’ll be a little quieter around these parts.  But I eagerly look forward to re-activating all my progress bars next month.  In the meantime, I’m toying with the idea of releasing a ‘special edition’ of one of my books this month in place of a completely new one, just to keep new releases flowing.  Happy writing to everyone else!

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