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‘Breathtaker’ Blurb

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Here’s the blurb for Breathtaker!


Enter a seductive life of immortality, whirlwind romance, family secrets, and mansion passages…

Seventeen-year-old Breya has been seventeen a long time. Ever since her first love, Ash Donovan, kissed her and dropped dead at her feet, she hasn’t aged a day. Her only sign of ailing manifests in the shortness of breath that comes every so many decades, accompanied by the instinct to seduce another victim.

Only when she meets the mysterious Calecko and is kidnapped into a cult-like family of wealthy comrades who claim to be like her do the secrets of her heritage start to come to light. The part of herself she has been running from is dangerously at home amongst these people, but another part of her still questions and struggles with the moral transgressions of what she is, and what her kind do.

After finally finding a place of belonging in this world, will the right choice prove to be denying herself and the best chance she has of a normal life with these people? Or will her immortal instincts and the allure of affection that does not kill win out over any moral obligations?

It is more than her own affairs that are stirred up, however, upon her instatement into the family. Before she can make any lasting decisions, she is caught up in a web of jealousy, lust, discrimination and treachery that will not soon let her off the hook with so simple a decision, and a love triangle that beats all and demands an even greater sacrifice – one that will rock the world as she knows it to its bones.


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