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Progress Issues

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So today, I have a few progress issues to discuss.  First, WordPress seems to be glitching and is not letting me update my widgets right now, so I can’t update my progress bar to reflect how much progress I’ve made on my project!  Frustrating.  It reads 76% right now for my novella, Breathtaker, but I reached 85% today.

However, that’s another issue.  While I’ve reached 85% of my proposed goal of 30,000 words (having reached 25,500 words), I’m realize there’s no way I’m going to be finished in another 4,500 words.  The story just isn’t going to wrap up in time.  So, while I’ve been reaching and often doubling my word quota each day and gleefully thinking this novella business is a piece of cake…  I’m realizing my writing style has become such that it is not easy for me to tell a story so succinctly.  I just naturally put more development into them now from the beginning.  I am geared to write novels, and so I can’t just leave a lot of that stuff out or I feel like I’m…leaving stuff out.  How am I supposed to build relationships or even establish the characters as unique, developed people at all in so short a time?


I’m hoping I can at least rein it in below 40,000 words, in which case I’ll still feel as though it has sustained a decent novella status.  Any higher and I’m afraid I’ll decide I might as well add a few thousand words and make it a publishable novel.  I might just do that anyway, except I don’t want the pressure of making the sequels novels.  So I’m really trying to feel out the art of balancing everything that needs to go into a story but keeping it short, right now.

But I do still love how easily this book is coming, and am very excited about the prospects of successfully writing something modern.  Regardless of length, I’m having a lot of fun!  Who knew it was possible for me and ‘modern’ to get along so well.


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