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Better than Before

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My writer friend has gone back to her hovel for the week, but we have actually succeeded in getting the first (almost) 3,000 words written on a co-authored book.  Partial success!  Yay!  We are certainly doing better than we ever have before.  We have taken to trading the manuscript back and forth over email, at this point, and it’s actually working.  We each write a few hundred words, and then send it back to the other.

Here’s to hoping we simply don’t lose steam!

The book, which we’re thinking we’ll go ahead and just commit to making a novella, for this first run, is being called The Burnt.  At first we were just calling it Burnt, as a sort of general term that related to the plot, but of course it seemed a little too ambiguous, but NOTHING ELSE SEEMED TO FIT.  We hemmed and hawed and talked until the wee hours of the morning trying to work out a title, exchanging dozens of different ideas that just didn’t capture the essence of the book, only for her to pause, at long last, and suggest, “What if we just called it…The Burnt?”

And it was perfect.  It gives it focus without taking away from the intrigue of a general term.

Who would have thought all we had to do was add a ‘the’ for the perfect title.

At some point she’s going to start blogging, and I will be introducing her and whatever projects she has going for her at that point.  Until then…stay tuned!  This is a fun little project.

Has anyone else ever tried co-authoring?


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