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So…  I’m running a free promotion of my dystopian novel, A Mischief in the Woodwork, over at Amazon.com, and it’s currently # 9 on the ol’ ‘top 100’ list in the category of free ‘epic fantasy’.  (It’s also #35 on the top 100 list just for free ‘fantasy’.)  And I was thinking, you know, it would be really awesome if it happened to just bump its way right on up to #1.  It’s so close.  I’ve found myself in the teens before with a couple other books, but never into the single digits before.  So…  You’d be doing me a huge favor if you hopped on over to Amazon and simply clicked the ‘buy now with one click’ button.  Won’t cost a thing.  It takes two seconds.  I would love you forever, even if you hate the book.  Here’s the link!  A Mischief in the Woodwork

Thank you!!


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