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Another month down, another to go.  So far I’ve managed to steadily write and release a book each month for 3 months straight.  At the very least, over the course of three months, this project was not a failure.  At the very least, I succeeded in getting 3 books out, and in record time!  That’s three less to write in the future.  At least, three less on the current list.  I don’t imagine the list itself will ever shrink.  Where one gets marked off, a new one gets hatched.  But that’s three more under my belt, out on shelves.

So I’m happy to say that, regardless of what happens with the ‘book a month’ project from here on out, it was successful for three months.  That’s awesome.  I do intend to try to keep it going, but July has just gotten slammed with an array of other engagements, and I’m afraid that this is going to be the month it just doesn’t come together, for once, because there are too many other things that are going to cut into writing time.  Big chunks of writing time.  My writing time may very well get cut inhalf, this month.

As my sister pointed out: “Well, it is summer.  Look at it that way.”  Everyone needs a summer break once in awhile anyway, right?  I just kind of felt like the summer is my time to dedicate to my own devices, so that’s when I really wanted to focus on popping out titles, so I can be all set for…  For…  I don’t know, for Autumn, I guess.  I feel weirdly as though I won’t have time, come fall, because that’s when people (me) work and go to school.  But I don’t know where that idea comes from, because I’m not in school and I’m working as much now (during summer) as I will be come fall.  And plenty of other people work as much during summer as fall anyway.

Who knows, who knows.  I just feel like I have to book it while I have all this free summery time, which just happens to be exactly the same as all my other time throughout the year.  In fact, it may even be busier.  (Has anyone else ever noticed that?  You work and go to school and can’t wait until summer, only to have your summer be busier than your school/work year?  I always have all these things I plan on doing ‘this summer’ (or any given summer), and it just ends up being a joke, because summer is CRAZY BUSY.  No lazy summer days here).

ANYWAY.  I’ve kind of gotten off track with this post.  I decided, for July’s book, it’s about time I fulfilled an idea I have for a paranormal romance.  I know, that’s what everyone and his mother is doing right now, but hey.  People like to read it, and I happen to be a hopeless romantic.  I need at least one paranormal romance to my name, and it seems a relatively good time to write one.

So July’s book is going to be in the paranormal romance genre, and it’s an idea I’ve had for a long time titled Dangel’s List.  It, um…has to do with the Angel of Death.  That’s all I’ll say on it for now.  Time to update my progress-bar widget and start over with a new book and word count!


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