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Some Statistics

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I figured after I had a decent number of books released, I could begin to gauge which ones did the best, and therefore know what to write more of in the future.  So the other day, realizing I happen to have a ‘decent number’ of titles released now, I went ahead and compared some stats.

Verdict: it was not altogether conclusive.

This is the ridiculous comparison I came up with:


The most popular book sales-wise has gotten the least ‘likes’ and reviews.

The most popular book ‘like’- and ‘review’-wise has sold the least sequels.

The least popular book sales-wise has had the best ‘sequel’ performance.

The book I thought would fall flat on its face has taken off.

The book I thought would take off has fallen flat on its face.


Conclusion: I have no idea what to write more of in the future.  I know, I should write what I feel compelled to write.  But I was excited to start working strategically, at least to a point, and I just feel more lost than ever now, where strategy is concerned.  Guess I’ll try again after another few books.  One of these days, I’m bound to strike something that performs noticeably different than the others.  (I wonder how many books I’d have to write, statistically, to land a best-seller, just as far as probability is concerned.  An interesting thought…  What do you say?  5,000?  2,000,000?  Better get back to work…)




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