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The Giddy Rush of those Five Stars

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There is nothing like the giddy rush that swamps you when you’re browsing your own list of Amazon.com titles and you notice a five-star review that wasn’t there the last time you checked.  I don’t want to get too narcissistic, here, but I’m sure it’s a rush all of us authors (and especially self-published authors) share, to receive confirmation that our work is being well-received.  (After all, there’s always the chance that we’re just kidding ourselves, and no one will identify with our precious muse, which we, of course, feel is just the next best thing since sliced bread).  So I’m going to go ahead and take a moment to express my overly-zealous sense of excitement, as I have just discovered another 5-star review generously bequeathed to one of my erstwhile review-less titles.


This review is particularly exciting to me because it was a review left on a sequel.  I am always a little bit afraid that readers are going to end up feeling as though the sequel doesn’t live up to the original (as I find myself thinking and feeling about so many titles myself, be they books or movies).  To be honest, I’m never quite sure if I manage to capture the magic of the original myself.  Because things tend to change in sequels.  That’s part of the point.  The characters have moved on from the whole pretense of the first story, and they’ve likely grown and changed a bit themselves along the way.

It is a great confidence-booster to know you can manage a sequel.  To know you not only had a reader interested enough to read the sequel in the first place, but who liked it well enough to bother reviewing it, and to give it the full 5 stars – and, in conclusion, to know they will surely now continue to read further sequels.  Win-win-win.

I do, of course, dread the day I get one of those reviews that just trashes what I have written and been thus far reinforced for writing.  And, realistically, I know that day will come.  Probably more than once.  I keep trying to brace myself for it (really, also realistically, I’ll probably just go cry for the day and have to pull myself out of the inevitable throes of depression and deep, dark discouragement), but so far I’m pleased to be acquiring all positive reviews.  Enough of those in the beginning, and I’ll be able to take one bad one for what it is – simply someone who didn’t find my work to be their cup of tea, in this world.  And that will be fine.

After the tears, naturally.  (But tears I am happy to say I will not be shedding today 😀 )


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