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Graduation, Stop Kicking My Butt

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Let this be a lesson to any other self-published authors trying to be strategic about promoting their books: don’t jump the gun thinking everyone is out of school for the summer wanting to start their summer off reading books, when graduation is yet still in the works.

Maybe that’s obvious to most people, but as an amateur strategist in the industry, I somehow got so excited about the prospects of summer and school being out that I forgot completely about that last very distracting engagement, which is graduation.  Because let’s face it – if you’re not graduating, you probably know someone who is, and everyone and his brother is likely going to be attending or otherwise involved in celebrating someone’s graduation around this time.

As such, my summer kick-off has met with very disappointing results.  Before you smile sympathetically and consider dropping me a line to reassure me that ‘not all books are the stuff of success; it’s okay, Harper, just let it go’ – I’m going to hazard making the observation (and taking encouragement in the fact) that everyone else milking a current promotion seems very much to be in the same boat.  I know this, or think I know this, because even scoring a painfully low number of downloads compared to my other promotions, my poor little Ace is still in the top 100 of its category.  People just aren’t downloading books right now.

If you’re running a successful promotion right now and beg to differ, congratulations – it seems you’ve published in one of the categories that doesn’t sleep for graduation!  Pray tell me what it is, so I can remember to invest in writing something in said category this time next year.  (But it’s likely Romance.  Or a Cookbook.  And that is an issue for another discussion entirely.)

Here’s to learning something in the meantime.


One thought on “Graduation, Stop Kicking My Butt

  1. I’ve never thought about this before, but it’s interesting. Congrats on being in the top 100, at least.

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