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Well, hello there.  How else am I to start this?  As a writer, it doesn’t seem as though blogging should be such an instigator for writer’s block.  (To illustrate just how much of an irrational struggle this first post is proving to be: I just had to resort to my online thesaurus to make sure ‘instigator’ was the word I was looking for).  But it’s oddly the case; I could write all day, every day, anything and everything, and yet I have shied away from the word ‘blog’ and run the other way shielding my eyes, pretending like such a thing couldn’t possibly be calling my name, for as long as I have been a serious writer.  (I’ve actually been a serious writer since I was about 5, but I’m referencing the relevant form of ‘serious’, here, which entails a more professional level of effort).

In 2007 I became an ‘official’ author (some argue self-publishing is not an official route, but as long as copies are selling, fans are multiplying, positive reviews are coming in, and there are checks to cash, I would hazard sticking to an ‘I beg to differ’ stance).  That was five years ago, and somehow, amid all the blood, sweat and tears dedicated to getting those babies (books) out there, campaigning on their behalf, researching marketing strategies and promising you will continue to pursue whatever it takes until you’re the next J.K. Rowling… I managed to deny the voices that suggested I might want to add a blog to my list of promotional tools – that obvious go-to pastime that every other aspiring writer is quick to do.  I defied any chance of credibility therein consistently and without hesitation.

Until now.  I suppose five years was a good run, and I can be proud I am one that can hold out on something for half a decade when I feel like putting my foot down.  That has to be a useful trait in some area (maybe not this one, as it turns out, but some area).  Of course, if I’m being completely honest, there is a slight margin of possibility that part of that was procrastination.  Or fear of the unknown.  I don’t know.  I just know that I have resisted the idea of blogging (even as I suspected I would enjoy it voraciously) for my entire author ‘career’.  It has always felt strangely out of my comfort zone, despite whispering in my ear at night that I might actually find myself delightfully in my element if I just did the deed and authored that first post.

As you can see by reading this, I have at last chosen to cave and do the deed.  There was the slight set-back (and possible deal-breaker) of having to choose between blog sites, a dreaded task that I can say with confidence was definitely a procrastination-avoided aspect in the area of my Resistance, but it seems this time I managed to land on one before my skeptically-metered attention span reached the chime of that all-too-familiar ‘forget it!‘ point.

And, truly, it’s high time.  Who ever hears of a writer these days without a blog?  Certainly not one who’s afraid of blogging.  Who avoids it like the plague.  So here I am!  For better or worse adding my voice to the stratosphere!  Or cyberspace.  Or whatever the heck it’s called.

As introductions go (I suppose that might be relevant), I am mainly (at present) a fantasy and young-adult author whose works appear under the name Harper Alexander via avenues such as Createspace and Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.  Fantasy and Young Adult are currently my specialties, but as an obsessed writer there is a diverse horde of ideas just waiting to be unleashed all in their own directions.  All different categories of fiction and even some projects of non-fiction are likely to find their way into future bibliography – all under capriciously narcissistic new pen names, of course.


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